Five Common Cover Letter Mistakes

Five Common Cover Letter Mistakes
Your resume is your best marketing vehicle in the competitive world of job searching. It establishes the applicants’ background, skills, and hiring value. With so many resume writing tips available, many of us mastered the seemingly easy task of preparing one’s resume. Thus, one may provide a very impressive resume with its impeccable formatting and excellent content. However, what happens if the employer decides to not read your resume at all because of your cover letter?

A cover letter is a letter of introduction accompanying your resume. This is designed as a matter of courtesy of self-introduction before delving on what you would like to request from an employer. The cover letter states the position that you are applying for, the manner on how you have come to know of the job opening and your suitability for the position. The cover letter mistakes of doing it half-heartedly or absolutely terrible can make you lose a dream job. Here the five most common cover letter mistakes in the preparation of a resume and tips on how to avoid them.

Cover Letter Mistake #1

The most common cover letter mistake that you may commit is the format. Many people are fond of personalized formatting of cover letters. While this may look original, it is not quite impressive in the job searching market. It is always advised that cover letter formats must always be the standard business letter. It should always contain the recipient information, your own return address and of course, the date. Lacking any of the information may give a very unprofessional impression.

Cover Letter Mistakes #2

Some commit a grave cover letter mistake of making it appear like a novel. There is no fast rule on the length of your cover letter, but it is definitely not a license for you to narrate everything that you do, you want, and what you can offer.

Bear in mind that employers are very busy people, and may only take a snapshot of your cover letter. Considering this, they will not indulge into cover letters that looks like an essay writing piece. Constructing very long sentences to impress is sometimes not impressive at all. Try to use at most four convincing paragraphs that are readable and understandable.

Cover Letter Mistakes #3

Another unforgivable cover letter mistake is the typographical and grammar errors. Typographical errors can give a negative impression on your efficiency as an employee. Incorrect grammar generates a negative impression on your ability to communicate. The blemishes this may cast can automatically yield to your resume being thrown in the bin. Be cautious and always proof-read the cover letter before attaching your resume to it.

Cover Letter Mistakes #4

Another common cover letter mistake of those new in the job searching market is the focus they place on what they want from the company instead of what they can offer. Employers are profit oriented people. They hire people because they are interested in what they can do for them. Your cover letter should not focus much on your dreams and aspirations. Instead, give emphasis on the knowledge and skills you can offer and your suitability for the position.

Cover Letter Mistakes #5

Many inexperience job-seekers are vague about their interest of being interviewed. They usually end the letter with the vague statement such as ‘I look forward to a positive response from you’. This is a grave cover letter mistake. Instead of giving the employer the option to call you or not, be proactive. End your letter with your specific desire to be interviewed.

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