Are Your Social Media Accounts Stopping Employers From Hiring You

Are Your Social Media Accounts Stopping Employers From Hiring You
Most of us are aware of our right to freedom of expression. It gives us the leeway to say everything that we need and want to, under very few limitations.

The various social media that people from all over the world use today is a picture of this freedom of expression at work. Now we can post not only significant pieces of information but even our ranting, complains and other grievances.

However, whether you are currently employed or is still trying to look for a job, you should be aware that your social media profiles can be monitored and affect your employment status gravely.

Your posts may be innocent and you may just want to vent your concerns. You may not intend to do harm to people, but people responsible for hiring from companies where you are applying at may see it differently.

To prevent yourself from being negatively affected by your social media accounts, you have to remember some important pointers. First, avoid posting incriminating items in your social media pages. Whether or not you are making it for fun, it can create an adverse effect to your application.

So avoid postings that depict violence, discrimination and insults against a particular race because these may defeat any interest that the employer might have towards you and your qualifications. It is also dangerous to post hasty comments on other people’s political and religious views. You are supposed to respect these beliefs both in the social media and in the workplace.

Next, you should always assume that the information you provide in your social media profiles can be viewed by prospective employers. The Internet is the easiest and most accessible way for possible employers to check on your background.

Just putting your name in a particular search engine will provide links to all social media profiles that you maintain. So you have to be careful especially in the personal information that you provide.

Make sure that the age you indicate in your social media profiles match the one that is indicated in your resume. Also be careful about the educational and professional background that you put in them lest you confuse the employers more. Finally, you also have to provide a decent profile picture so they will know that the profile is yours.

Another important tip to remember when using social media network is to be careful with pictures that you post. Different sites make it too easy for members to post an entire album of every event that they go to.

You have to make sure that you will not be seen in any of the pictures doing scandalous and unacceptable things especially in the corporate world. Avoid showing to the world photos of you being too drunk. If you must post these pictures, you should lock the album so only a few of your friends can see it.

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