5 Common Job Search Mistakes

5 Common Job Search Mistakes
Finding a job can be difficult in itself but it can be worse if you don’t know how to do it effectively. Not knowing where and how to look for jobs can cost you a job opportunity you could have been highly qualified for. Here are five common job search mistakes that applicants commonly make.

1. Focusing Only on Job Search Websites

The Internet is a very wide library. It links to a lot of job opportunities all over the world. However, one of the most common job search mistakes is believing that job vacancies are only posted in job boards and job search sites.

Anyone who is looking for a job through the Internet must make use of the vast network that is available to them. Job postings are also available on the websites of different companies. Using this method you will be able to send your resume directly to the employer.

Professional organizations also provide job opportunities just as many blogs and social networking sites do as well.

2. Ignoring Local Job Boards

Another common job search mistakes that is often committed by jobseekers online is focusing only on the major online job boards. While there are so many job postings here, one must remember that there are also a lot of jobseekers who are competing for each posting.

This makes the competition for each vacancy very stiff. If you have been looking for a job for a long time, you may want to spread your focus to smaller job boards. The competition for these job postings is not as high because only very few people notice these sites.

3. Applying for Posts Even When Unqualified

There are also a lot of applicants who commit job search mistakes by applying blindly to whatever job vacancy that they see on the internet. This is a total waste of time and opportunities because employers will naturally ignore one’s application if he is below the minimum standards set.

The problem with this strategy is that companies block succeeding applications for people who have already attempted to apply before. If the company opens up a more suitable position for you, they may not consider your resume since you applied before.

4. Failing to Make the Right Connections

Sometimes, landing the right job requires creating relationships with people. This takes a little time but it will be worth it in the end. Among the common job search mistakes that applicants make is immediately asking for the help of people whom they don’t even personally know. This is never an effective measure because people will naturally think twice about helping people whose background and attitude they don’t personally know.

5. Not Maintaining An Online Presence

Applying for jobs online require applicants to regularly visit the job board profiles that they have created. Through this, an applicant will be able to respond accordingly to interview invitations. One day of not checking profiles can mean lost opportunities. So once you start seeking jobs online, make sure you follow up regularly to ensure you see potential job opportunities right away.

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