5 Common Job Search Mistakes
Finding a job can be difficult in itself but it can be worse if you don’t know how to do it effectively. Not knowing where and how to look for jobs can cost you a job opportunity you could have been highly qualified for. Here are five common job search mistakes that applicants commonly make.
5 Job Interview Techniques
A job interview is an applicant’s way to convince the employer that everything they have written on their resume is true, or better yet that they are worth more than the items indicated there.

Usually, an applicant called for an interview has already passed a preliminary screening process. Not all applicants pass this, so one who has been invited must take advantage of the opportunity well.
7 Tips to Find the Perfect Job
Job searching can be a really horrible experience even to highly qualified individuals. To find the perfect job, an applicant must know the right strategies to get noticed ahead of everyone else. Here are seven tips to find the perfect job before other applicants do.
Are Your Social Media Accounts Stopping Employers From Hiring You
Most of us are aware of our right to freedom of expression. It gives us the leeway to say everything that we need and want to, under very few limitations.

The various social media that people from all over the world use today is a picture of this freedom of expression at work. Now we can post not only significant pieces of information but even our ranting, complains and other grievances.
Five Common Cover Letter Mistakes
Your resume is your best marketing vehicle in the competitive world of job searching. It establishes the applicants’ background, skills, and hiring value. With so many resume writing tips available, many of us mastered the seemingly easy task of preparing one’s resume. Thus, one may provide a very impressive resume with its impeccable formatting and excellent content. However, what happens if the employer decides to not read your resume at all because of your cover letter?
How to Create a Great Resume
The resume you submit to prospective employers, or use for job searching online, can either land you to the perfect job you’ve always been dreaming about.

Simply said, your resume can make or break you. Before employers call you for an interview they first examine whether you are any good on paper. This is why it is a must that you create a resume that will get you noticed right away.
How to Create an Online Resume?
In the competitive world of job searching, you must design and construct your resume in a way that it will catch the employer’s attention. Some years ago, resume were sent to the employer by courier.

Job seekers focused resume writing on the quality of papers and professional formatting. By the continuous evolution in technology, the digitalized form of applicant screening brought the focus on creating an online resume. Creating online resume is a very effective way to advertise your capability and availability for a particular job.
How to Determine What You Are Worth to Employers
The very awkward but commonly asked question during a job interview is about your salary expectation. In a research conducted, most of the job seekers believed that salary is an important consideration in seeking job opportunities. The difficulty lies in the determination if the salary you are being offered is competitive enough as that prevailing in the market. Determining how much you are worth to employers has always been a dilemma of job seekers.
How to Write a Great Cover Letter
The cover letter you send with each of your job applications is almost as important as your resume itself. This is the first thing that will be read by employers, and it can make or break your dream of landing your ideal job.

Your cover letter should tell employers the most important facts about you and why they should hire you over all of the other applicants. This may appear like an elaborate and difficult task at first, but in time you will be able to master the required skills in writing a cover letter like a real pro.
Six Job Interview Questions to be Ready For
Job interviews are a process conducted by employers to select effective employees. This process allows an employer to assess and analyze the knowledge and suitability of an applicant for the job being applied for.

Coming for a job interview is never an easy task. However, putting extra effort will definitely beat the difficulty. Preparing for the battle with difficult job interview questions will make a big difference on how well you will do.
The Seven Deadly Sins of Resume Writing
Your resume is a significant and critical part of securing your new job. Your resume is your first line contact with a possible employer. It will establish your background, skills and hiring value. Therefore, preparing a well-designed and well-constructed resume is an absolute must.

While it is true that you cannot have such thing as a perfect resume, avoiding resume mistakes is critical. Here is a list of seven deadly sins of resume writing.
Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out
In the world of job searching where there is too much pressure and competition, standing out among the crowd becomes a challenge. In just few seconds, what is contained in your resume can make or break your chances of getting your dream job. Here are some resume writing tips to ensure that your resume will be the best representation of your achievements.

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